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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Meaning Of The Second Amendment

Via Cassandra Of Troy comment

What is the meaning of 2A:
(2A: Ideological origins)
(An anti-2A law prof’s opinion of the pro-2A position)
(2A: The Framer’s Intentions)
(Meaning of the 2A)
(Militia: Explanation of the term)
(Militia Act of 1792)
(National Guard Act)
(National Guard background)
(Determines the National Guard to be part of formal U.S. military structure & thus NOT the 2A militia. Fun Fact: This case was started by a LEFTIST!)
(Well regulated: Explanation of the term)
(The People: Explanation of the term, referral courtesy of the late Neal Knox Sr.)
(These 2 are rebuttals to the anti-2A cult’s BS line “The Founders NEVER could have forseen things like semi-automatic assault weapons/rifles”, i.e., “If that’s true then why did they create the USPO?”)
And for those who want to go high-yield thermo-nuclear on the anti-2A cult, the following scholarly coup de grace from Prof Eugene Volokh.:

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