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Monday, May 15, 2017

Holocaust? Holohoax?

From The Thinking Housewife:

Trump on the “Holocaust”

April 25, 2017
FOR THE third time since January, Donald Trump today commemorated the “Holocaust.” In a passionate speech at the Capitol Building, the president promoted the falsehood that six million Jews were killed in gas chambers, eulogized the proven fraud and profiteer Elie Wiesel, viciously defamed the German people, misrepresented the sacrifices of American soldiers in World War II and smeared historians and scientists who have sought accuracy with the slur “Holocaust denier.” Trump used quasi-biblical language to describe the creation of the theocracy of modern-day Israel, which, he said, had “arisen from the desert,” as if miraculously, when, in fact, it arose through international political machinations, war, theft, terrorism and mass expulsions.
There are four categories — make that five — (with some overlap) of people who endorse the popularized version of the “Holocaust:” the intellectually lazy, the gullible, the fearful, the distracted and the deceitful. Trump appears to fit into the last category. It defies belief that he could not know of the voluminous evidence — such as that provided by the Committee for Open Debate of the Holocaust — available at the click of a mouse.
Traitor Trump defames the German people
No order commanding the extermination of Jews by the Hitler government has ever been found. No convincing evidence of gas chambers has ever been located and evidence that there could not have been homicidal gas chambers in detention camps such as Auschwitz is overwhelming. Zyklon B was a delousing agent used to prevent the spread of typhus and to protect Jewish inmates of labor camps. No mass graves have been found. No bodies with traces of lethal gas have been found. No ovens that could have processed so many bodies have been found. According to statistics provided by Jewish organizations, the Jewish population was 15,748,091 worldwide in 1938 and 15,753,638 in 1948. Official accounts of the number who perished have been quietly and repeatedly revised by the millions downward and yet these revisions are never called “Holocaust denials” or taken into account in the “six million” story. The revisers of these figures have never spent time in jail, as has the 87-year-old German woman Ursula Haverbeck, whose offense was openly writing about the evidence, or been beaten up by Jewish thugs, as was the French historian Dr. Robert Faurisson (below).
faurisson-face-smashed Some “Holocaust” survivors (the abundance of survivors being yet another clue) promoted by the media have even admitted to fabricating stories. See more here.
The stench of this holy tale is overwhelming. Trump’s foremost loyalties lie with Israel, not America.

— Comments —
Rusty writes:
I believe the reason Elie Wiesel speaks that way is because he knows the Holocaust™ is not a historical fact but a religious meme. It is hard even for him to keep swallowing a lie that big and to keep the two ideas separate.
I think it being a religious meme is why public discussion of it is illegal in many countries. I’m not a lawyer but I think the Holocaust™ laws are designed to prevent cultural conflict in the public square and keep the peace among different bodies of believers. Russia and China, for example, have laws against proselytizing or public discussion of religious differences for that reason. It’s not appropriate in America but I can see it being a reasonable compromise in many countries. The deception comes when this Jewish religious meme is represented in the MSM and in the schools as being factually true, and no mention is made of the religious significance. This is typical Jewish slight of hand.
If you or your children are ever required to attend Holyhoax classes or to go on a field trip to the local neighborhood indoctrination center, simply object on religious grounds. The organizers (usually Jewish) will know you know their secret and will probably not argue, I presume because they don’t want attention drawn to the truth of the thing. We tried this and it works like a charm.
Thanks again for all your work and I wish the best for you and your family in this difficult time.
Laura writes:
Thank you. I wish you the best as well.
Regarding Wiesel’s comment, I don’t know the exact context of this quote, but I believe what he meant was, “Some of the facts we may have gotten wrong, but the existence of irrational, genocidal “anti-Semitism” is real.”
As a religious belief the “Holocaust” is not grounded in reality. Jews have never been the victims of genocidal hatred in the Western world nor have they even been persecuted at the level conjured by the Nazi story. This belief in the singular victimization of the Jews makes questioning Jewish rule and power unacceptable. If the reason for not questioning the “Holocaust” were simply to keep cultural harmony, then why are other religious beliefs not afforded the same protection? Ridicule of Christian moral beliefs is common in the media, for instance. Also,
You can put a crucifix in urine and call it Piss Christ art.
You can splash urine on a picture of Jesus Christ on an international television network.
You can paint a picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary with elephant dung.
“You and your f@#king Jesus can kiss my a$%….We killed Jesus and we’re proud of it…”
“We killed Jesus and we’ll kill you too!”
You can deny the holocaust of 0ver 61 million Gentiles at the hands of Jewish Communism.
You can encourage the genocide of men, women, and children, even when they wave little white flags of surrender.” Source
But you risk imprisonment in some countries if you question the religious belief in the “Holocaust.”Many people believe, and the wording of the “Holocaust denial” laws is such, that the truth, or questioning of the facts, would “incite racial hatred,” leading to persecution of Jews, but once again, there is no basis for this view if by persecution one means mass, intentional physical harm. No, it is clear that the “Holocaust” must not be questioned because too many people would find out the truth if it were and Jewish power would lose its moral legitimacy.
It is really quite astonishing, isn’t it?
You would think Jewish leaders and ordinary Jews would be eager for any information showing that far fewer than six million Jews were killed in World War II. You would think they would welcome open debate. That possibility of a far lesser catastrophe should be cause for rejoicing.

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