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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Matt Bracken On Scalia's Death

From Christian Mercenary's Blog:

Kill One; Terrify Thousands

If the pillow over the face story is true, then assigning a natural-causes death over the phone is something out of a Pink Panther comedy. If a professional wanted it to look like a natural death, he would rearrange the pillow. This leads me to believe that the killer might have been an amateur. My scenario is that the ranch has some very green eco-weanie staff. If one saw Scalia's name on a computer as an incoming staff, that person informs one of their social circle who has been agitating to "do more" for the environment etc. The guy at the meetings who has been suggesting burning new developments or doing other action-oriented monkeywrenching. The staff opens the door, and lets the "action guy" in while Scalia is taking a nap. Hold down the pillow until no more struggling. Leave pillow in place in order not to have the death image in mind. Also leave pillow in place to lesson the chance of a spontaneous revival of breathing.

The larger point is that the bedroom should have been treated as a crime scene, and the pillow checked for fibers, hair, DNA etc. Scalia's decisions mean billions of dollars won or lost to major corporations, so that is enough potential motive right there to examine every SCOTUS death as a possible homicide. Too much money and power hangs in the balance to simply embalm and bury a dead SCJ without an investigation.

But the pillow left in place tells me it might have been an "ideological hit" made as an attack of opportunity by a zealous environmental fanatic or pro-abortion fanatic who saw Scalia as the devil incarnate, and a man deserving to be killed on the spot, given the opportunity to do so.