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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

White Privilege

One day, someone will look back at this era & marvel at how many white people w/ Ivy League degrees attacked others for being privileged.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

White Supremacy Threat

By the most excellent Colonel Bunny:

You heard it here first.

"Statistics Show White Supremacy is a Bigger Threat to the U.S. Than Radical Muslims." Ponder that title for a moment and axe yourself if that is anywhere close to what you think the reality is in America today. Still, Yahoo, in front of God and man, presents the above is as an honest contribution to our national political debate.
We inquire:
Since (but not including) 9/11/01: Extremists who are white -- committed 48 killings in the U.S.
Extremists who are Muslims (self-proclaimed jihadists) -- committed 26 killings.
Population of U.S. -- 322 million.
Whites in U.S. -- 224 million.
Muslims in U.S. -- 2.6 million.
Killings per million white persons (48/224) -- 0.21.
Killings per million Muslims (26/2.6) -- 10.0.
"Muslim extremist" killings exceed white "extremist" killings -- factor of 47.6 (10/0.21).[1]
A useful comparison: Homicides in Chicago 1/1/15-10/3/15 -- 397.
Picture chosen at random.
Black killings: 307 black victims, 66 black assailants. Blacks in Chicago 32.9% of 2.7 million in 2010 -- 0.89 million.
Black killings in Chicago per million blacks (307/0.89) -- 344.94.
White killings: 15 white victims, 7 white assailants.
Whites in Chicago 45.0%[2] of 2.7 million in 2010 -- 1.22 million.
White killings in Chicago per million whites (15/1.22) -- 12.30.
Black Chicago killings exceed no. of white killings -- factor of 28.04 (344.94/12.30).
Thus, looking at different time periods and different populations but calculating rates per population within those periods the same way, we see that:
Nationwide: Rate of Muslim killings per million Muslims compared to white killings: 47.6.[3] Chicago: Rate of black killings per million blacks compared to white killings: 28.04.
  1. White supremacy is a bigger problem than Muslim supremacy.
  2. Black Lies Matter.
This dishonest, tendentious study by the New America Foundation is all the more astonishing for who runs and donates to it. A partial list:
  • CEO: Steve Coll, staff writer with The New Yorker magazine.
  • Chairman of the Board: Chairman & CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt.
  • Board member: James Fallows
  • Board member: Francis Fukuyama
  • Board member: Walter Russell Mead
  • Board member: Steven Rattner
  • Board member: Jonathan Soros
  • Board member: Fareed Zakaria
  • Grant: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Grant: William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.
  • Grant: W. Clement and Jessie V. Stone Foundation.
  • Donation: Arizona State University.
  • Donation: David and Lucile Packard Foundation.
  • Donation: Pew Charitable Trusts.
  • Donation: John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.
  • Donation: Foundation to Promote Open Society.
  • Donation: Google.
  • Donation: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.
  • Donation: The New York Community Trust.
  • Donation: Open Society Institute.
  • Donation: The Pew Charitable Trusts.
  • Donation: US Department of State.
So when you think of Yahoo, the New America Foundation, Google, Eric Schmidt, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the U.S. State Department, Arizona State University, and Jonathan Soros, remember this: They want you to think "the major threat to America isn’t Muslim extremism. In fact, statistics show that the real danger lies with domestic extremists." We know this because, regardless of what the author of that report on Yahoo, Keisha Hatchett, chose to conclude in so many words, they published an intellectually dishonest study that cherry picks and distorts data to support the conclusion Hatchett reached, or they contributed money to make that report possible. Instead of a picture of a white guy carrying the Confederate Battle Flag, Yahoo could have chosen this one as an honest attempt to identify the problem for us:
Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to catch up on the latest in our dishonest, undeclared, unconstitutional war on Bashar al-Assad, the number ONE threat to the security of the United States and THE WORLD. After Barack Hussein Obama.
[1] If you add in the 2,977 deaths from the day before the New America Foundation chose as the beginning period of its "analysis," this figure jumps from 47.6 to 5,500.0.
[2] Down from 91.7% of Chicago population in 1940.
[3] See note 1.

UPDATE - Francis W. Porretto continues with the good Colonel's thoughts:

White Rights

     These days you can visit a considerable number of places on the Web to hear racial rants, taunting, denunciations, and calls for this or that sort of “action.” The “Black Lives Matter” whores are only the currently most visible examples. Nearly all such sites are contemptible. But not all: some are worse. Clearly, this is an imbalance that demands to be redressed.
     Our esteemed Colonel Bunny has posted a statistics-laden piece that utterly refutes one of the most important lies currently bedeviling American society: the canard that American Caucasians of European descent, who will henceforth be referred to as whites, despise and are attempting to destroy the members of other races and ethnicities. The truly stunning thing about this deceit is that not only is it untrue, it’s the exact reverse of the truth:
  • Crimes against whites by others utterly overwhelm crimes by whites against others.
  • Whites have extended a hand of friendship and assistance to others, and have usually had it spat on, bitten, or swatted aside.
  • Peaceful white neighborhoods have ceased to be peaceful when non-whites have moved into them – and not because the whites have tried to drive them out.
  • Non-white racial and ethnic groups, though not united on other points, are utterly unanimous on this one: the “white devil” must be dispossessed and destroyed.
  • Despite all the above, any hint of protest, much less counter-organization by whites is denounced as illegitimate, inherently racist, and an expression of hatred.
     This isn’t exactly new. More than thirty years ago, a young woman of no small intelligence nor achievement told me that should my neighborhood experience racial admixture of the sort well known to promote disorder and loss of property values, it would be my moral duty to remain here and endure it, because...well, just because. She could not articulate any objective reason; it was entirely a matter of her opinion.
     At one of his recent campaign appearances, Democratic presidential aspirant Martin O’Malley was shouted down for suggesting, in response to the chants of “Black Lives Matter” agitators, that all lives matter. Bernie Sanders has had to cope with something similar. Persons who dare to suggest that contemporary whites have no responsibility for the statistical differences between whites’ aggregate wealth and achievement and the wealth and achievement of other races and ethnicities are routinely branded as racists, haters, and persons who want to bring back slavery.
     This mick-wop honky has had quite enough.

     We on the Right have often complained that we lack conservative politicians with actual spines. In reflecting on that notion, it struck me that our politicians, while not a perfectly representative sample of our ranks, nevertheless are drawn from it. Thus, an increase in our overall Backbone Quotient – BQ? – would surely elevate that of our elected officials. (At the very least, we should be trying our best to raise the “lower end” of the bell curve.)
     Racial/ethnic matters are a significant venue for such improvements. Today, virtually no one in public office or seek to enter it is willing to say, publicly, any of the following:
  • Violent crimes and crimes against property are overwhelmingly committed by non-whites.
  • Neighborhoods characterized by disorder, squalor, and violence are almost always non-white.
  • The quality of local schools is inversely proportional to their attendance by non-whites.
  • Non-white communities routinely shelter the lawbreakers among them against public justice.
  • Demands for “free stuff” emanate almost exclusively from non-whites and their mouthpieces.
  • Non-whites who point out such facts are demonized: “Oreos,” “Uncle Toms,” “race traitors,” etc.
     Despite all that we have the phenomenon of black racialist groups demanding that a few states be separated off into a new all-black nation...which, however, would be supported by funds from the rest of the country. We have groups such as Aztlan and La Raza demanding open immigration from the south, and that the American Southwest be returned to union with Mexico. Newest on the scene are the exclaves dominated by Middle Eastern Muslim “immigrants” and “refugees” where the writ of law does not run and it is unsafe for whites to tread.
     But don’t you dare to say that white lives matter...that the Knockout Game, a.k.a. “polar bear hunting,” is a real phenomenon...that illegal aliens from south of the border commit huge numbers of violent crimes, whether against one another or against whites...or that the degradation of our public facilities correlates strongly with the invasion of nearby neighborhoods by non-whites.
     It’s been said more times than anyone could count that it’s impossible to address a problem you aren’t willing to name. Someone must name it. It appears that the mantle has descended on me:
     The problem is non-whites.

     It’s time for a countermeasure. Indeed, it’s possible that we’re already too late. Nevertheless, I propose a blatant, in-your-face approach that makes plain that American whites will stand for no more:
Restore The Rights Of American Whites!
     Those rights include all the following:
  • Freedom of association, including the freedom to discriminate in buying and selling.
  • Freedom of enterprise, including the right to hire, fire, promote, and demote upon arbitrary criteria.
  • Repeal of all laws that distinguish any racial, ethnic, or religious group from any other, regardless of context.
  • The elimination of “stakeholder” laws and judicial presumptions that award privileges to recognized groups.
  • The right to form proprietary communities protected by enforceable covenants, including covenants that restrict residency according to race or ethnicity.
     Note that none of the above propositions would create legal privileges that only whites would enjoy. Indeed, the condition of the country at this time is such that only whites are, de facto, denied any of the above rights. Blacks and Hispanics can form race or ethnicity-based groups and associations without fear of legal penalty. Black employers can hire blacks exclusively without worrying about what the EEOC will say, and of course the same is true for Hispanics and Muslims. Though the laws would appear to weigh as heavily on non-whites’ discrimination against whites as the reverse, they’re not enforced when the target would be a non-white business or organization.
     It’s time not merely to halt the locomotive of racial-ethnic degradation, but to reverse it. If non-whites want the fruits of the American blessing that whites experience, let them earn those fruits on the same plane as we did. Those who’d prefer not to make the effort can choose among the other continents of the world...assuming those lands would have them.


Thursday, October 1, 2015

How Pedophilia Will Be Normailsed

Quote comments from commenters at an NRO article that rationalises pedophilia, because they are insightful:

1. Organize
2. Humanize
3. Legalize
4. Legitimize
5. Litigate
6. Repeat
Stage Two doesn't seem too unreasonable, does it? How many bloody times do we have to get rope-a-doped by the same shtick before we recognize that it's part of a much larger campaign which has been going on for generations, now?
Priests, pastors, and psychiatrists receive special training to lovingly and thoughtfully help people with terrible issues like this one who need help. Privately. There's absolutely NO reason for anybody to work through this problem publicly. There's absolutely no reason to challenge the one hysterical taboo the American people have which is fully justified.
And can we impose a permanent moratorium on atheists needling Christians on how their faith is supposed to be expressed? It's not like we go around telling atheists how they're supposed to tip their fedoras and embed cheese crumbs in their neckbeards.

Dingus Rattenberg:

Step one is chipping away at the legal and social norms associated with pedophilia. Our attention is deflected carefully away from the monstrosity of adult-child sexual attraction (calling it an "orientation," for example), and redirected toward pity for the offender. Do our laws really need to be so harsh? Is the extreme social stigma really justified? After all, look at these poor fellows. They're very sad.

Step two. Graphic tales of violence done against pedophiles or suspected pedophiles, usually by vigilantes (to shock comfortable bourgeois liberals) but also law enforcement (to shock civil libertarians), are rubbed in our noses. These cases will be easy to find, since reactionary pushback to step one is practically guaranteed. People who really hate pedophiles are nasty and evil and violent bigots will be the implied message. Meanwhile, "studies" conducted at state-sponsored universities will "find" that adult-child sexual contact really isn't all that psychologically harmful to children. Rather, our superiors will inform us, the reason children suffer post-contact depression is because of the "social stigma" attached to such relationships. We will be encouraged to be supportive and understanding "allies" of pedophilic relationships, since, after all, a simple attitude change on our parts will prevent depression and suicide.

Step three. At about this time, the real legal push to lower statutes of limitation begins. New "studies" show that children in fact benefit, in some very loosely-defined way, from early sexual contact with adults. The most progressive and forward-thinking parents in the most progressive and forward-thinking states begin lending their children for "play dates" with pedophiles, framed as mutually beneficial arrangements whereby children are therapeutically socialized into sexual maturity. Why risk letting some stranger take your child's virginity in a drunken haze, when it can all be done with the help of a vetted accomplice in the comfort of one's own home? Win-win.

Step four. Pedophiles will begin to emerge more frequently in pop culture and mass media. A record label, for instance, may promote an otherwise wild, hard-headed rapper's soulful ballad mourning society's unequal treatment of what is really the "same love." Mainline protestantism (if it still exists at this point) will ordain open pedophiles. The Catholic Church will be praised for its leading role. Cases involving the "rights" of pedophiles will have trickled up to the Supreme Court. You can fill in the rest.
Thanks to the Great Cuckservatives of the National Review Online.

UPDATE: Also see this Vox Day Post:

SJWs shift the Narrative and Thoughts on tolerance

Rejection = disbelief + opposition
Tolerance = disbelief + passivity
Submission = disbelief + support
Denialism = belief + opposition
Acceptance = belief + passivity
Celebration = belief + support


UPDATE UPDATE:  RAMZPAUL: NRO and Salon Fight Pedophobia