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Thursday, October 1, 2015

How Pedophilia Will Be Normailsed

Quote comments from commenters at an NRO article that rationalises pedophilia, because they are insightful:

1. Organize
2. Humanize
3. Legalize
4. Legitimize
5. Litigate
6. Repeat
Stage Two doesn't seem too unreasonable, does it? How many bloody times do we have to get rope-a-doped by the same shtick before we recognize that it's part of a much larger campaign which has been going on for generations, now?
Priests, pastors, and psychiatrists receive special training to lovingly and thoughtfully help people with terrible issues like this one who need help. Privately. There's absolutely NO reason for anybody to work through this problem publicly. There's absolutely no reason to challenge the one hysterical taboo the American people have which is fully justified.
And can we impose a permanent moratorium on atheists needling Christians on how their faith is supposed to be expressed? It's not like we go around telling atheists how they're supposed to tip their fedoras and embed cheese crumbs in their neckbeards.

Dingus Rattenberg:

Step one is chipping away at the legal and social norms associated with pedophilia. Our attention is deflected carefully away from the monstrosity of adult-child sexual attraction (calling it an "orientation," for example), and redirected toward pity for the offender. Do our laws really need to be so harsh? Is the extreme social stigma really justified? After all, look at these poor fellows. They're very sad.

Step two. Graphic tales of violence done against pedophiles or suspected pedophiles, usually by vigilantes (to shock comfortable bourgeois liberals) but also law enforcement (to shock civil libertarians), are rubbed in our noses. These cases will be easy to find, since reactionary pushback to step one is practically guaranteed. People who really hate pedophiles are nasty and evil and violent bigots will be the implied message. Meanwhile, "studies" conducted at state-sponsored universities will "find" that adult-child sexual contact really isn't all that psychologically harmful to children. Rather, our superiors will inform us, the reason children suffer post-contact depression is because of the "social stigma" attached to such relationships. We will be encouraged to be supportive and understanding "allies" of pedophilic relationships, since, after all, a simple attitude change on our parts will prevent depression and suicide.

Step three. At about this time, the real legal push to lower statutes of limitation begins. New "studies" show that children in fact benefit, in some very loosely-defined way, from early sexual contact with adults. The most progressive and forward-thinking parents in the most progressive and forward-thinking states begin lending their children for "play dates" with pedophiles, framed as mutually beneficial arrangements whereby children are therapeutically socialized into sexual maturity. Why risk letting some stranger take your child's virginity in a drunken haze, when it can all be done with the help of a vetted accomplice in the comfort of one's own home? Win-win.

Step four. Pedophiles will begin to emerge more frequently in pop culture and mass media. A record label, for instance, may promote an otherwise wild, hard-headed rapper's soulful ballad mourning society's unequal treatment of what is really the "same love." Mainline protestantism (if it still exists at this point) will ordain open pedophiles. The Catholic Church will be praised for its leading role. Cases involving the "rights" of pedophiles will have trickled up to the Supreme Court. You can fill in the rest.
Thanks to the Great Cuckservatives of the National Review Online.

UPDATE: Also see this Vox Day Post:

SJWs shift the Narrative and Thoughts on tolerance

Rejection = disbelief + opposition
Tolerance = disbelief + passivity
Submission = disbelief + support
Denialism = belief + opposition
Acceptance = belief + passivity
Celebration = belief + support


UPDATE UPDATE:  RAMZPAUL: NRO and Salon Fight Pedophobia


heresolong said...

Well, having just read the NRO piece you linked to, I think the commenters (and possibly you) are making a mountain out of a molehill. At no point does Cooke excuse the abuse of children, he merely points out, rightly I believe, that the individual in question is doing exactly the right thing by NOT acting on his impulses. What exactly would you have the subject or society do? The subject has not abused anyone or broken any laws. Should there be a mental test for pedophelia, followed by forced sterilization for anyone who fails the test?

I don't see how Cooke is advocating for any normalization of actual abusive behavior but rather pointing out that societal norms used to be that it didn't matter what urges you felt, you suppressed them if they were harmful or not socially accepted. That was a positive for society.

Also, can we lose the use of the term "cuckservative"? It is a stupid word and has very quickly devolved into a purity test denigration. Anyone who has read Cooke's work or listened to him talk knows that he is very libertarian. The need to denigrate anyone who strays even slightly from someone's ideal of a "pure" conservative is destructive to the cause of freedom. One can disagree with some of the positions of writers or editors at NRO, but I would posit that National Review has done and is doing more to advance the causes of conservatism than just about anyone. Disagree when it is warranted but labeling someone in order to attempt to discredit their views is a tactic that the left has used effectively with their cries of racist and bigot whenever they were losing an argument and, I would suggest, is not a direction that we should be going.

Conan the Cimmerian said...

Completely disagree with just about everything in your comment. But, differing views are welcome here. Thanks for stopping by.