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Monday, June 27, 2011

Dr.T's Response

I liked this response at There Are No Socialists - June 25, 2011 - 6:56 pm - by Victor Davis Hanson

Found through The socialisthistorical end game - Vox Popoli(VoxDay)

Here is Dr. T's fairly decent summary of how the US condition got to where it is today:

Dr. T's response(click for link to original):

“This country has been through some pretty tough times…. In all instances we’ve come through pretty well.”

Not in my opinion. We fight the British in a revolution about taxation without representation and form a new nation. Less than 15 years later the federal government imposes a tax solely on whiskey (and not on any other beverages, alcoholic or not, in violation of the equal taxation clause in our Constitution). Those who opposed the tax were met with federal force.

Our nation supposedly was formed as a federation of sovreign states. Sovreignty includes the right to make or break alliances. However, Lincoln and others decided that not only was secession bad, but that it called for war to force those states back into the USA. During that war, we violated the Constitution some more by suspending habeas corpus and initiating a federal military draft, which is not one of the federal government’s enumerated powers.

We had no business getting involved in the Great War, but we hadn’t had any action since the Spanish-American War (that we caused), and so we drafted some more men to get killed in trenches in Europe.

We experienced the Great Depression that Hoover and Roosevelt made worse with their multiple rounds of stimulus spending. Roosevelt repeatedly violated the Constitution, tried to pack the Supreme Court, and began the welfare state that plagues us today and that may sink us soon.

Roosevelt desperately wished to help the British in WWII, but he couldn’t get Congress or the people behind that idea. Instead, he provoked Japan at every opportunity, knowing that if Japan and the US went to war, Japan’s treaty with Germany would result in Germany declaring war on the US. Once that happened, the vast majority of our war effort went towards Europe despite the fact that the Japanese were the ones who had attacked us and who were capturing American territories, protectorates, and allies in the Pacific. We violated the Constitution again and took the homes of Japanese-American citizens and forced them to live in camps. We did not do the same to German-Americans or Italian-Americans.

The Vietnam conflict showed that we don’t have to declare war to draft men and send them halfway around the world to fight and die. More than fifty thousand died to delay the fall of South Vietnam to the communist North. The only good to come from this war was the realization that a smaller volunteer military works better than a military comprised mostly of conscripts. (Note that we still haven’t given up on the draft. It is only suspended.)

Johnson decided to distract us from racial conflict and anti-war sentiment by creating Great Society Ponzi schemes. The full effects of that will be felt within the next twenty years as we follow the course taken by Greece.

The 1960s featured free love and mind-altering drugs. We decided to address the latter by starting a War on Drugs in the 1970s that has not ended. It has given us the largest prison population (in both raw numbers and percentage of adults imprisoned) of any nation. The War on Drugs also featured further degradation of the Bill of Rights, with the 4th Amendment now almost worthless as your property can be seized without a warrant or without you being charged with a crime.

We follow all that with the massive overresponse to the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001, the loss of more liberties, the further trashing of the Bill of Rights, the massive expansion of government, and the deliberate infliction of public indignities and sexual molestations that provide no security benefits but show the public that our massive federal government can do almost it wants.

Yep, we’ve weathered our troubles so well that I’m emigrating as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

I agree on leaving but where to?

Col. B. Bunny said...

I agree with the thrust of your article but not on some details. The Vietnam War was a military victory on the ground. The far left, having sucked up large amount of Soviet cash, was able to scare Congress into abandoning S. Vietnam, which pleased some Democrat congressmen immensely. Congress gleefully threw away the victory.

The military reforms after VN did indeed lead to a smaller, more effective military that didn't need to rely on conscription. That's only part of the story. Abandoning conscription also rid the military of large numbers of black troops who hated their country and had no intention whatsoever of fighting any of its wars. As would be the case today.

LBJ took the "WAr on 'Poverty'" right over the proverbial cliff but did any of what he and the Dems did amount to Ponzi schemes? I get that Social Security is one but what others are there?

Your idea of FDR's provocation of the Japanese is v. interesting. I've seen it elsewhere but you make a succinct and strong argument by tying it to his fervent desire to help Britain. Most Americans little appreciate the snake that FDR was. He admired the European fascists and cared nothing for the Constitution.

Many strange ideas are (back) on the table for us to look at with fresh eyes now that we realize that we were fools to believe that our political class was patriotic and had the overall interests of the nation in mind in formulating policy. That's a laughable concept as our president demonstrates when he grabs his crotch when the national anthem is played instead of rendering the traditional gesture or respect.

Conan the Cimmerian, King of Aquilonia said...

thanks for stopping by and leaving and leaving an excellent comment