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Monday, September 23, 2013

Nullification - Battlefield USA Compliation

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The claims of the nullification deniers have been proven to be false. To persist in those claims – or to do as Levin seems to do and ignore the remedy of nullification – is intellectually and morally indefensible. So why don’t they apologize to the public and recant their errors?

Instead, they continue to tell us that what we need is a “convention of the States” (which Levin and his mentors insist is provided by Article V of the Constitution) to propose amendments to the Constitution, and that this is the only way out.

Mark Levin Refuted


Consider the recent Article V discussion that has been highlighted by Mark Levin in his book, The Liberty Amendments (which I highly recommend you read). I have written on using Article V too and agree with Levin that the only way to change the jurisprudence of our constitutional law (specifically put, to redefine what the Courts have defined regarding Congress’ power under the commerce and tax power) is for the people to change it through amendment. To be clear, there is no other way to do this and fix the constitutional structure that encourages federal abuse of power.

I want a real liberty movement

Just a reminder…

If you can keep it.

He didn’t say it was to keep you. You were suppose to keep it. Imagine that people still think that there are some magic words they can insert on a piece of paper… and it will be so, considering that the hearts of men are continuously wicked. Mankind does not want liberty, it wants license to every imagination of their hearts.


Maybe Mark and Rachel hang out together on the weekends? I don’t know. I don’t to want know.